Cats and Yoga: It’s a Thing!

Cats, I think, are natural yogis — they CAN pretzel around to meet those elusive parts of themselves, they CAN be the still center of the whirling wheel (if they want to!) & they already have the cute outfits, yah? Those of us with pets are just laughing at the people who will go PAY for the privilege of finding a furball underneath you just when your muscles are about to give out! But I hope they will keep going, & that more animal shelters will provide this kind of thing:)


I practice yoga, though I used to have a hard time admitting it.

img_6653 I used to use a yoga towel but that quickly became a cat acquisition.

Yoga is marketed to upper middle class people who use yoga as a way to let the rest of us to know they’re better than we are because they are healthy and we are not. You know the ones; they wear specially designed yoga clothes and carry their mats with pride. Me, I do yoga at home in a t-shirt and shorts on the shag carpet. When I do go to class it’s at work and it’s free.

I practice yoga because it is a wonderful strength-building exercise. Regular practice alleviates pain and stiffness from arthritis. And despite all the walking and line dancing I do, it’s only when I regularly add yoga to the mix that I feel improvement in my health.

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It’s never too late to become a rapper

To express his support for a local LGBTQ non-discrimination law, Don Tassie styled himself as ‘Mr. T’ & spit a few bars. And btw, the NDL did pass, showing yet another way in which art matters, to communicate an idea.

A a a nd another use for art…..

….. SOLIDARITY. On Twitter, there’s a trend which refers to something all women have gone through —> some man telling us how we are supposed to be. #ShePersisted assures us that none of us is alone in this, & artist Courtney Privett captures the experience.

Courtney Privett




Displaying a view point

The Museum of Modern Art / Elizabeth Bliss Parkinson Fund Ibrahim El-Salahi (Sudanese, born 1930), “The Mosque,” 1964, oil on canvas, 12 1/8 x 18 1/8” (30.7 x 46 cm)

As mentioned before on bodhisARTva, there are many functions of art, many purposes it can fulfill. Or, perhaps there is just one purpose – to communicate? – with many facets. I’m always interested on what people think: What IS the purpose of art? Why does it matter?

I think also a larger question is raised by any curation of a display, as an editing process necessarily takes place: What idea is being promoted? What is the viewer tacitly being guided into thinking?  (Please weigh in).

Endorsing a political view – or, propaganda, depending on your perspective, I suppose – is definitely one of the reasons humans make art. And, perhaps declaring which side of an injustice an institution is on is one reason for displaying art? The Museum of Modern Art in New York City seems to think so. In response to the Trump administration’s immigration ban, MOMA is featuring works from artists of the seven countries Continue reading “Displaying a view point”